Tapping on my fear of Dogs

There was a time when I used to be terribly scared of dogs. And I was too scared to care about them as well!

Last night as I sat with Droopy comforting her and tucking her in as she was trembling due to the loud noises from crackers, I thought of how I wouldn’t have dreamt of ever comforting a dog a couple of years ago. In fact I needed comforting around them! 😂

I used to be so scared of dogs that I would freeze or try to escape, always failing badly with people around me having a good time at my expense 😄

But then a couple of years back we started feeding a street dog. She would follow me to the shop and never barked at me. I started doing EFT in her presence – tapping on all the aspects of the fear gradually neutralized it. I could sit with her without too much fear. Over the years with tapping and using a simple exposure therapy approach on myself, I have drastically reduced the fear. 😎 So much so that we took care of nearly 10-12 puppies in the last 4 years and got them all adopted.

About Puja

I am a Counseling Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Accredited EFT master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi. In my 15+ years of experience, I have effectively used EFT and Counseling to help clients heal their emotional and physical problems.
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