Parenting challenges

Children usually give a hard time when they are going through any kind of emotional insecurity – they might feel that they will lose their parents, be separated from them, be abandoned etc and many of their behaviors stem from these insecurities. Once you provide that safe space for them, their behavior does change.

I have worked with quite a number of mothers over the years and have consistently found that when they work on their emotions about their children, they are able to cope better with the parenting challenges and their children’s behavior also changes. It’s natural to get frustrated and irritated when your child throws temper tantrums, has bed time difficulties, is teething, not eating properly, not adjusting to the new school etc. However, with the help of energy psychology techniques, mothers can release the pent up feelings and by doing so, they have told me that their children have also become calmer and more secure.

With these techniques you can work on your emotions, your child’s emotions and even surrogate tap for them. 

About Puja

I am a Counseling Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Accredited EFT master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi. In my 15+ years of experience, I have effectively used EFT and Counseling to help clients heal their emotional and physical problems.
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