A quick post on Self-validation

When you feel that you always need the  acknowledgement,  approval & appreciation of others to validate yourself, try accepting your feelings without judgement. Practice self-approval, compassion & appreciation. Value your thoughts, feelings and acts of kindness towards others. Start validating yourself.

EFT will help tremendously in this.

1. Take up incidents from your childhood where you felt invisible or inappropriately judged & criticized. Did your parents validate your feelings, perspectives, talents, special interests and actions?

If they didn’t, then a lot of unworthiness can creep in. Tap on all those incidents.

2. Tap on accepting yourself daily.

3. Tap on self compassion. Read on developing self compassion https://eftforpeace.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/self-compassion/

4. Tap on valuing yourself.

About Puja

I am a Counseling Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Accredited EFT master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi. In my 15+ years of experience, I have effectively used EFT and Counseling to help clients heal their emotional and physical problems.
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