EFT for upcoming events

Below, I have described 2 EFT sessions that were done over the phone with two clients who were suffering from anxiety related to upcoming events.

EFT for Upcoming Job Interview

In this phone session with a client we worked on his anxiety for an upcoming job interview. His anxiety stemmed from desperately wanting the job, and wanting the job role to be different than his previous one.

His anxiety was at a 7 when we began.

We tapped on:

Even though I am really desperate to get this job and I am getting anxious regarding the interview, I still love and accept myself.

He was worried whether he would be able to answer all the interview questions adequately.

Even though I’m nervous as I am not confident about how I will be answering the questions, I choose to be calm and focused during the interview.

His anxiety went down to a 4.

I then asked him to visualize the interview process, and to stop whenever he experienced anxiety. After visualizing, he said that in the beginning of the interview they would ask him to give a brief introduction, and this aspect was increasing his anxiety.

Even though I’m a little nervous about the brief introduction that I have to give about myself, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.

Even though I’m a little nervous, I accept my nervousness and choose to release it.

His anxiety went down further and I decided to introduce some positive phrases at this point. Positive reframes usually work very well in cases where there isn’t deep emotional trauma, once the negative emotions are out of the way.

I choose to be excited about the interview.

I choose to look forward to the upcoming interview.

At this point he said that he felt okay, but he was doubtful as to whether his calmness would last during the interview, and was worried about his anxiety returning. We tapped on:

Even though I may become anxious because I really want this job, I will still love and accept myself.

I asked him to visualize again, and he said that while thinking about receiving the call, he got a slight increase in anxiety resulting in heaviness in his chest.

Even though I have this slight heaviness in my chest, as I think about picking up the phone, I accept myself.

I asked him what his worry was and tapped on his answer.

Even though I’m worried – “what if I mess up on an answer”- then it will make me more anxious and trigger some kind of a chain reaction, I still love and accept myself.

By the end of the call, his anxiety was nearly gone. And later he sent an e-mail saying, “The interview went really really well 🙂 I was quite calm.” After a fortnight, he sent an e-mail saying that he had gotten the job!

EFT for an Upcoming Presentation

Rahul had approached me for help with social anxiety. In the following session we worked on his fear of an upcoming presentation.

He explained that whenever he spoke in a presentation, anxiety came up. I asked him to visualize his upcoming presentation and think about what would happen and we tapped on –

Even though I’m worried about my presentation – how will it go? Will it be appreciated? I deeply and completely love and respect myself.

We did another round on:

Even though I’m anxious about my presentation tomorrow, I choose to calmly and confidently give my presentation tomorrow.

I asked him what he usually felt in his body before any presentation. He said that his breathing becomes faster and he swallows words. We worked on a couple of incidents from his past at this point. Then I asked him what he likes about his presentation. He said – “Content”. He believes he is good at content writing.

In the following reframe we focused on his strength which was “content writing” and on making him get through the presentation calmly. Often, due to anxiety and worry, we forget our strengths when we most need to remember them. We can always focus on our strengths and turn a presentation in our favor.

Even though I get anxious before the presentation, my breathing becomes faster, I love and accept the talents that I have. Even though I get anxious thinking about what people will say, whether they will appreciate it or not, I choose to focus only on my presentation and on calmly presenting it.

I am focusing only on ‘presenting’ my presentation.

I am calm during my presentation.

I appreciate the content of my presentation.

The next day, Rahul sent me a sms after his presentation saying – “Thanks a lot Puja for help. Today’s presentation went very well and was well appreciated. I had focused my thoughts only on content, and answered all questions to satisfaction. Little anxiety did come up and I focused on deep breathing. Overall good result. Thanks for help.”

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About Puja

I am a Counseling Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Accredited EFT master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi. In my 15+ years of experience, I have effectively used EFT and Counseling to help clients heal their emotional and physical problems.
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