EFT Hatred Syndrome (part 1)

My suggestions to a person suffering from panic attacks brought forth the following conversation oozing of hatred from a fellow group member. I have labeled this tendency to slam EFT without even trying it as EFT-Hatred syndrome! This conversation basically highlights the EFT research, mistaken concepts and skepticism about EFT. Since my goal is not to slam her but to enlighten people on the difficult task that EFT has ahead of it in terms of reaching out to people, being accepted in medical institutions, being a part of general health practices and much much more,  I have deleted the personal comments that were made.

My suggestion to a panic attack sufferer.

Puja K. Alfred – I would suggest you to try Emotional Freedom techniques. It would work on your fear related to bedtime and in the panic related symptoms like anxiety, increased heart beat, difficulty in breathing, fear of an impending disaster etc. In panic attacks the sympathetic nervous system basically goes on an overdrive and the brain sees normal situations as dangerous. It goes into flight or freeze response. EFT would help in identifying the situation as safe and would help in reducing the panic.

The conversation with J.M, a lady who didn’t seem to have either tried EFT or read anything about it and who replied to the above post that was for a Panic attack sufferer)

J.M ( The lady with  the EFT-hatred syndrome) – EFT won’t do anything but enrich another scam artist preying on sick people

Puja K. Alfred – It is very easy to rule out different approaches without studying them or even trying them out. Despite being a Psychotherapist I have been applying EFT successfully in my practice. (Links to the EFT Research)http://eftuniverse.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=18&Itemid=21

J.M – …. Show me peer reviewed studies in major medical journals that demonstrate how hitting yourself in the face 200 times a day cures anything. ….

Puja K. Alfred. – EFT is not about hitting the face 200 times daily FYI. …. It is a combination of theories related to acupressure and NLP and TA. I have worked with Panic attack cases successfully using EFT and counseling and their is a huge reduction in their anxiety and panic and it is any day better than taking medication and increasing drug dependence !!! The effects are long lasting and there are cognitive shifts evident.It can work very well when combined with psycho-therapy. With the advancement in energy psychology more and more people are coming to realize that (Sometimes) JUST psycho therapy ain’t enough!!

J.M – …. No one wants a “huge reduction” that is fleeting and merely a figment of distraction techniques. Long term benefits of your “therapy” are abysmal ….I asked for peer reviewed research and you provide nothing …… Don’t get defensive about your psuedoscience–take the time and the expense to PROVE IT,

Puja K. Alfred – (Links to reseacrh that she clearly had no intention of reading!)

http://www.eftdownunder.com/docs/EFTStudy.htm. – study by Steve Wells. Swingle-Pulos study:

Study by Pulos and Swingle… Swingle, P., Pulos, L., & Swingle, M. (May, 2000). Effects of a meridian-based therapy, EFT, on symptoms of PTSD in auto accident victims. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Las Vegas, NV.

Swingle, P. (May, 2000). Effects of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) method on seizure frequency in children diagnosed with epilepsy. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Las Vegas, NV.

The first controlled study on EFT to be undertaken in a clinical setting is scheduled to start at Stairways Behavioral Health, an outpatient clinic in Erie, Pennsylvania which services patients many of whom have just been discharged from mental hospitals.

Research on the effects of EFT on Math Anxiety is planned by Doctors Lois and Ronald Worthington and Dr. Harvey Baker of Princeton, NJ.

More research is being planned now that had been put on hold due to lack of funding.

J.M – I said MAJOR MEDICAL JOURNAL, not Pseudoscience Scammer Association journal. I often tap my face with my pencil when I do math…maybe I should take part in that math anxiety study, assuming they get the funding–

(Shows the limited knowledge about theories and practice of EFT!! Ignorance is often NOT bliss!!)

Puja K. Alfred- I’m not defensive at all. I gave you the links of the studies in the beginning itself …

There are many people who have benefited from “the so called pseudo science” FYI. I respect the work that every person puts … I consider psychotherapy to be a gift and EFT to be a wonderful tool that increases its effectiveness but of course …The money that is being spent on EFT Research is well deserved. You can differ …its your choice… The people who have benefited are glad they applied EFT and so am I!

…. (Energy Psychology journal) – It is not a Pseudoscience Scammer Association journal!!

In fact with this you have labelled the Chinese concept of Qi to be pseudo, the Indian concept of chakra and yoga to be pseudo, the behavioral science NLP to be pseudo!! Also all the psychotherapists and researchers who have put in efforts for the researches to be Pseudo!! ….

Puja K. Alfred – By 2012 there will be a APA Energy Psychology Division.

J.M  – Yes I did see that ONE LINK, not “links” about EFT treatment of ANIMALS. Hardly proves how things might work in HUMANS does it? It that the BEST you can do? An animal study?

(Despite having sent the links where all the studies are listed she ONLY read on animal studies)

The day that there is a APA Energy Psychology division will be a sad day for SCIENCE indeed. …


(A lot of hatred actually…whew!!!)……………

Puja K. Alfred- You missed out this link – http://eftuniverse.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=18&Itemid=21

Seeing your comments, I can detect only negation, hatred and abusive syntax. Also, its true that people see ONLY what they want to see! compared to seeing WHAT IS actually there. ………..

Just how nowadays the ‘clinical science cannot stay alive without the aid of electronics be it diagnosing or performing surgery soon psychology will invade into clinical science and this time it will be done without medication or invasive procedures.

J.M – …………. I missed nothing – the link you posted only referred to a single study. I was not going to go through all the unrelated citations listed on that study to find whatever ones you think I should have seen–many were only links to scammer websites. I asked for MAJOR medical journals.

Puja K. Alfred – Science is not just about objectifying data, or a reliable and valid study, statistical significance, replication or how consistent the findings are… etc etc. In fact, if it was just that, then psychology wouldn’t even be considered a science; only physics, chemistry would be considered a science. Psychology is more subjective. But still we consider Psychology a science, irrespective of scientists that slam psychology, despite the ethical constraints in doing human studies, the difficulty in quantification etc.

Therefore, in essence Science is about exploration. The theories and substantive findings are not born out of thin air. They require exploration.

The links you missed Again-










Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal

International Journal of Healing and Caring

Energy Psychology journal.

I’ m sure that this is just the beginning of a chain of similar conversations and that many practitioners of EFT have been through this intense skepticism, the unwillingness, in fact, stubbornness to accept EFT research, the unreasonable attitude that goes along with trying anything new, anything that goes beyond conventional medicine and science!

Lets not get disillusioned by this but rather use it as a motivation to get EFT into the mainstream therapy!

For more info on EFT read FAQ

About Puja

I am a Counseling Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Accredited EFT master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi. In my 15+ years of experience, I have effectively used EFT and Counseling to help clients heal their emotional and physical problems.
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