How to recognize the change after tapping? Part 1

It is important to recognize the changes after EFT application.
I will explain with an example.

Suppose you are experiencing stress in your workplace. It could be your stressful interactions with your boss involving non-recognition of your efforts, frustration for not getting promotion, stress due to the immense workload, office politics…. etc. The following are some of the after-effects of tapping on the stressful interactions etc.

  • Frequency – After EFT application on the stress causing events, you will feel calmer. You will notice that the the number of times you get angry or stressed will be less. What is important to recognize here is that if you are in an ongoing stressful situation, there could be many stress-provoking instances in your office. However, there will be higher threshold for taking stress which means that your ability to handle stress calmly will increase manifold.
  • Positive side effects – EFT application on stress etc will have positive side effects on even the issues that you have not tapped on. Your ability to stay calm in other situations will increase. You B.P may go down. Your skin problems may gradually fade out. In fact, in some cases, there has been improvements in the vision as well.
  • Recalling events -If you have tapped on any event from your past and you recall it later on, your reaction to that event would be much less. For eg. if you tapped on your anger with your boss and the event revolving around this feeling of anger and if you recall it later on then the memory will appear hazy. You may even have difficulty in remembering it. In fact you may think that you are having a sort of Long term memory loss but the fact is that since you have tapped away the anger or any other feelings related to it, that event now remains only as a memory. It has no impact on you, therefore, it appears hazy. Some people think that they have repressed it with EFT. This is not true as EFT helps in diminishing the negative feelings associated with the memory and not in repressing it.
    Some issues are repressed before EFT is applied on them; they cannot be repressed after tapping.
  • Re-experiencing emotions – One important thing to remember is that if you have another stressful incident with your boss, you may experience anger again. You may mistakenly feel that – “Oh! I tapped on anger,  why is it coming back?” But this anger is for this NEW event and not for the old one. You have to apply EFT on this new event and tap it away.
  • Skepticism –  I have seen in my EFT sessions with clients that when they are feeling positive after EFT, they feel that it may be temporary and the feelings of negativity will return. Yes the feeling of negativity will come but the same anger for the same event will NOT RETURN. As these feelings of negativity are due to new occurrences in your life and not due to the old ones. (This applies only if the old events have been resolved properly. If not, then the anger could be for another aspect of the same old event which is unresolved). Change is constant and new negative events will bother you but you can tap on them too, by yourself).
  • Apex Effect – Recognizing that the positive effects of tapping on the issues is due to EFT and not due to external factors, is very tough at times. In one of my sessions, my client was feeling much calmer about a certain past issue that she had tapped on. The intensity of that particular issue had been very high when we were tapping on it, in an earlier session. In the next session, I asked her how did she feel about that issue and she replied that it was not important as she had resolved it many months back by herself and it no longer bothered her! EFT results are often so miraculous when working on particular traumatic events that it is very difficult to accept that EFT has brought about the changes.
More to come in Part 2.

About Puja

I am a Counseling Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Accredited EFT master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi. In my 15+ years of experience, I have effectively used EFT and Counseling to help clients heal their emotional and physical problems.
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4 Responses to How to recognize the change after tapping? Part 1

  1. Andrew says:

    A great list to recognise that EFT is working. Also the lowering of a SUDS score is pretty obvious too.

    Happy Travels


  2. Puja says:

    Yes Andrew. Lowering of SUDS is pretty obvious. However, many times clients are not able to determine the decrease in SUDS and they are able to see the positive change more in terms of cognitive shifts, behavioral changes etc, which I plan to discuss in part 2.
    By the way, I read some of your blog articles. It’s really good. Keep up the good work:)

  3. Natalie Hill says:

    Puja, Until I read your article, I hadn’t thought of how important it is to tell our clients about what they can expect. From your examples, I see how this can help people keep using EFT and not get discouraged.

    I especially liked your example of anger coming up again and thinking, “I tapped on anger!”

    Thanks for this,


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