A case in favor of EFT this Christmas.

This whole brouhaha about EFT being a placebo effect!

I really find it strange how anything that works fast and is very effective is put down because it looks bizarre.  We are conditioned to believe that therapy should take years and years and that if it’s short term then it is not effective or not long lasting or ~.

It all comes down to perception eventually…Isn’t it!  Buddha said Desire is the cause of all suffering and elaborating on that I would say

‘Perception’ is the cause of desire and that is the cause of suffering.

The way we see things cause problems; at a time only one part of the reality can be available to us and therefore it is always ‘our reality’  that we refer to and not  THE reality!  Think about it!  In fact THE Reality does not exist.  It will always be my reality, his reality, their reality; understanding this difference is very important. And what better way to change our outlook than  EFT!

Coming back to   –    Is EFT a placebo effect?

It may seem that EFT works in that fashion. But for it to be truly a placebo effect, one has to believe in EFT; the basic premise of a placebo effect is that one should believe that it will work. Whereas in EFT total skeptics have had astonishing results with it… in fact I myself was a skeptic to start with!!!

So the point  is that EFT is not a  placebo effect; the fact is that it works and the results are long lasting and usually permanent (another factor that is absent in a true placebo)… so would you rather take drugs for emotional and psycho-somatic (physical) issues and suffer side effects than do a few rounds of  tapping!!! The decision is yours!

When you have a headache then you take a pill for it. Whether you believe it or not, the pill works. It relieves your headache. In the same way whether you believe EFT or not, it will work.  In a way EFT is like allopathic medicines but more effective.

EFT has generated a lot of praise and an equal amount of criticism.  I’ve presented a few reasons for this below.

  • EFT has a very scientific background. However,  since  its neurological base has not been researched yet,  EFT being portrayed simply as a energy tool may be the cause of all the skepticism. EFT is a scientific tool and it may take some time before that can be proven.
  • Science has always had  difficulty in accepting anything that cannot be objectively analyzed;  subjective analysis is something which science is not used to. If at all  Psychology, earlier, was not included in the main stream of science since it was so subjective then how can EFT be included so fast!
  • It is important to know that EFT is much more than mechanical tapping, it requires handling and finding issues with skillful analysis. If you have used EFT without results, it’s because you haven’t phrased the affirmations properly and have not been specific enough or objective enough to locate your problems.

Randomly applying on whatever comes to mind without any analysis does not work, esp. for serious emotional issues. It does not take you to the core problem.

For example a person who has been abused may be tapping on the various feelings related to abuse and may get results but till he/she does not find the implications it has on her present life, he/she will go nowhere with the EFT application. They could be missing on the reason why they go from one abusive relationship to another or the reason why they don’t feel safe even in non-threatening environment or why they confuse between love and abuse …

With this I end my case in favor of EFT.  If you have anything to contribute then please do so.

My New Year message to you would be – Make a New Year resolution

‘I will take less drugs and do more EFT’.

(Please note: this discussion only pertains to EFT as a therapeutic modality and not tarot, vaastu or other non- therapeutic interests that people pursue.

Also, for serious diseases EFT should not be used as a substitute for drugs but as an aid to reduce the fatal side effects of drugs and accelerate the healing process)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

About Puja

I am a Counseling Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Accredited EFT master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi. In my 15+ years of experience, I have effectively used EFT and Counseling to help clients heal their emotional and physical problems.
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